Charts never lie!

I must to confess that I am very glad with all the ‘hits’ that I’m receiving on my Blog regarding some new texts.
A chart never lie and was amazing when I saw the statistics about my newest champion post!
I had 220 views on 04th of March, what is perfect in my opinion!

I was getting annoyed for read always the same shit “must popular post on 22th Ago 2009”, this wasn’t nice anymore and you know past is so boring after a while! But finally seems that from now my past belongs to the past once for all! Not that I had doubts regardingt it but now I’m looking very satisfied again to my dashboard control.

And well, till now I had not entirely realized how accessed is my Blog in “a normal situation” and this is wonderful! I’m  pleased to know that my txt make sense to the Others.
Thank you guys you’re the reason why I keep this page updated.
Definitely my readers are the reason to make it worth!!!

Me and Myself


You see, it's true!


click to enlarge the img

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