Countdown: so far, so close

First and foremost: I LOVE YOU
I love you and everything about you.
I do love too ours countdown.
I’m dreaming of the day you will catch me in your arms again, I’m waiting for that since on last February when we said ‘bye bye, I’ll see you soon’.
I have missed you…
I miss the way I feel when we are together…
You bring out the best part of me, you all the time manage to brighten my day no matter happens, and I discovered that you are more than capable of handling my flaws; you always said and will always do the right things for me.
I sincerely wish give you leastways half of it in return.
Also I want to let you know that I thank you for being able to make me smile lots all the time even when I’ve had a terrible day, and you did it even being you apart.
Honestly thank you for being everything I need and more.
I love you, I really do love you!
I always have and I always will.
Nothing will change that no matter how far we are, but obviously it would work out better if you were here with me all the time…
I miss you babe and I will miss you soon again!
I know I will…


P.s: I think that we stick together can truly help each other

*Note: the lovely picture [reblogged] above was
a courtesy by Adriano Brodbeck
If you like some art, worth to have a look at his Gallery on Flickr!
I’m fascinated for the album “Simple Shots GREAT SONGS!
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4 Responses to “Countdown: so far, so close”

  1. gregnbaker Says:

    Awwww! I love this…and you! :)

  2. Vinicius Freitas Says:

    Isso é tão bonito de se ver nos dias de hoje.

  3. Emy O Zytkoski Says:

    “miłość jest największym potężny i piękne rzecz na świat”

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