I like this!
I always had a special bond with the photography, even though I still not being good enough to consider myself a ‘photographer’ …
Well, I don’t want to be silly, but I must admit that have the possibility to handle a good camera while I’m taking photos make the whole difference, at least for me. And obviously I’m in love with my Nikon D5000 and with the results it has giving me! For the moment I don’t have great lenses but I have amazing ideas for pictures!
As you’ll notice by check-in at my photostream, I have been practicing quite often, which makes me glad by observing my ‘progress’! But definitely I want to keep improving my knowledges more and more about photography, lighting etc. especially now working at one Photographic Studio and being surrended by lots of photographers (collegues of profession, best friends, strangers, clients and bosses)!

Always and forever clicking for passion!
Right bellow one of my best shots so far…



Set the Fire...


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2 Responses to ““Flickring””

  1. gregnbaker Says:

    Hey, I have always loved your photos (one of the reasons is probably because I love you!) but it’s fantastic you have a new camera to play with. I think the photo above is brilliant, amazing composition, lighting, detail and effect…:D
    Set the fire to the third bar…

    • Carol Vallu Says:

      Ouiii tks!!!
      I loved your comment and I <3 you!
      May sounded cliche but I thought at this song while I was shooting…so I was thinking of you (as usual) ;)

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