My Diagnostic Disorder…

I know some people that have the power to get you completely sick, paranoid and make you start to freaking out!

Be carefuller with this kind of people!!! Please.

I had made one analysis test and bellow are the result…Incredible hmmm, all my friends that know me ain’t believe on this post at the beginning…Because this is not me, is the reflex of someone else above me!

I have no words… I´m so unstable sometimes…and this is your fault Vitor Shalom because all that I needed was your attention…

CID 10 / CID F60.1 / ...

I´m getting crazy and I´m completely alone…    😦 but one thing is right, all that you babe made with me, someday will come back to you, even better or not!


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One Response to “My Diagnostic Disorder…”

  1. carolvallu Says:

    Well for my surprise, after somethings that I want to forget, i having fun with Vitor. We walking around, lunch on MC Donald´s, take an ice-cream… and we laugh the better thing! But unfortunately was all FAKE!!! Typical .. And I was so fool 😕

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