Unforgettable: I´m

We can shake it all around
We can go up and down
We can lose what we found
But you can’t ignore me
You can go to west and I can go to east
You can trip all around or try to get away from reminders
And I can go to the doctor
But you can’t ignore me
We can laugh, we can cry
We can live or we can die
Spend our days asking why?
But you can’t ignore me
Now I´ll open my world for every boy and every girl
I´ll be more that you can be
I´ll surprise you
As long as you are free
We were blind and now I see
That you lost me, baby.
You can try, but you can never forget me!
So, why you ignore me?
I know how it ends.




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3 Responses to “Unforgettable: I´m”

  1. carolvallu Says:

    Véspera de aniversário e hoje eu tô que tô.
    Feliz da vida e sem meias verdades ou mentiras, só vivendo as coisas como elas são!

  2. Frank Says:

    Wow I had never seen before txts so intense like yours… I love, really, the way that you expose your point of view!
    So natural, easy, full of true and very powerful 🙂

    You seem like a dream come true, an amazing woman and I´m glad for have a little bit from you…

    No words about the picture…perfect!!! You´re so particular!!!

    By the way Happy Birthday honey
    Wish you all the best (across the board)

    Many kisses
    Take care

  3. Rena di Paola Says:

    Sempre gostei muito do que escreve! Seu blog estaria nos meus favoritos mesmo que não fosse minha amiga! =*

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