Well my day was perfect, amazing really!
I have had a lot of good surprises today and I feel that is only the begining …
“If I can imagine so I can easily realize!” This is my new quote and I believe on this truely.

I wished have you here babe to share with you all my happiness!
But its ok, I need to understand…that´s complicated now, I made my choice to come back to Milan and I feel no regrets for this!
I´m a very luck person, definitely! And day by day I have more proud of myself.


Babe, next time just holding me tight  (L)

FRAGILE: now I'm on my own


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4 Responses to “Re-start!”

  1. Carol Vallu Says:

    To see this picture in better resolution pls. follow this link:

    Hope you like it!

  2. Thiago Says:

    Que maravilha Carolzinha!!! Arrebenta tudo por ai, vc eh D+! PS: As ultimas 4 ou 5 fotos do teu Flickr estão do caraleow viu parabéns!

  3. leo Says:

    A gente começa a ler e nao parah mais…vc esta simplesmente LINDA!!!

  4. Greg Baker Says:

    Great photo…love the black and white…

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