Last night

Well, tonight will be my last night at the old apartment…bad memories bye bye. A new life are coming and im feeling great!
From tomorrow will be a restart on my life! And you know what, tomorrow  20th of September, make exactly 1 year that I’m here in Italy! I can’t realize that when I saw it on my calendar… Bah, unbelievable I’m surprised! And its ok because I’ll be closing one cycle and is perfect think like this…
I’m loving my new lifestyle, so more exciting than before (for real!) …
Is unpriceless be myself!


I start to dicover a new city full of good possibilities, full of life, colors, sounds…
I don’t need anything more, my past I’ll keep away from me finally! Tks God for everything!
After tomorrow only good and new things will be part of my life. Only!
I’m self-confident that I’ll be ok by my self and anyway just in case, if maybe I need I knew how to made good friends! Thank you all I’m always thinking of you guys.
Very soon I’ll keep you in posted.
Cheers! Let’s celebrate!!!

Enjoy your life we only live once!

Enjoy your life we only live once!


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4 Responses to “Last night”

  1. Igor Says:

    Uauuuu encontrei o teu blog linkado no de uma brother meu e achei tudo o que vc escreve incrivel! Vc deve ser incrivel … ops falei kkkk.
    Já favoritei aqui seu link, quero acompanhar sempre … nunca deixe de postar viu, isso é viciante, seus textos viciam!
    SUCESSO!!! Good vibs!
    Abs do teu novo fã Igor Cardoso – SP – Brasil

  2. Carol Vallu Says:

    My new apartment is amazing!!! In a good zone, near by the centro, only 15 minutes to the Agency. Much more than I could imagine before! I´ll share it with another 3 italian girls (friendly btw)! I´m so happy, no words…really! Tks God for everything…

  3. leo Says:


  4. Raul Says:

    De melhor a melhor sempre!!!
    Sucesso gatona!
    Assim que se fala…e que coinscidencia boa essa heim…viu nada acontece por acaso

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