Such a Small World

Today was another great day with a lot of good surprises in my life and one of those surprises that I found was this:

Well, I’ll try to explain in just a few words, maybe it isn’t necessary but anyway:

Samira (the blogger) of this wonderful page is kind of friend of mine, that I met by Facebook and yes, she became my partner as well. Through her I contacted other different agencies and models.

Another curious point, specifically about  this post is:  the team of photographers (2nd group of pics)  are my friends as well!!! Dudu Lima and Marco Mendez, two amazing people that I have the pleasure to have in my life as good friends and great professionals…

Really, till now i couldn’t realize in fact how exactly small the world is…this things make me scared and obviously surprised, but I love these coincidences!

The more I live, the more I want to discover new things… The more I live, the more I learn about how surprising the world is!

Congratxx for all of you!


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5 Responses to “Such a Small World”

  1. Henrique Says:

    Garota que bacana ver vc trazendo pessoas pra perto de ti, divulgando o trabalho de quem vc admira!!! Se fosse eu esses caras ai eu ficaria emocionado pra caramba e mega orgulhoso de ter vc como amiga (bem, orgulhoso de vc eu já sou hahaha e muito, isso não preciso ficar repetindo toda hora né?!). Quem divide tem sempre mais; essa é a real matemática da vida e vc tira essa lição de letra! Desejo que vc continue evoluindo sempre pq melhor a cada dia vc já está. Sucesso pra ti garota e pros seus também! []´s Eu

  2. Viera Says:

    Hey, i normally see this blog, and all about models is one of the best blogs about the models in the web. Congratulations for your blog too.

    • Carol Vallu Says:

      Yes Viera “All About Models” is deffinitely one of the best fashion blogs on internet and Samira is great as well! Btw thanks for the compliment, glad to know that you follow my blog too! Like you could see my page is a kinda of diary, that I write about diferent things like: ups and downs on my life, publish some pics take I had shoot (I love photography!), and obviouly time to time I post somethings about fashion stuffs coz this is a important part of my life, but this is not my focus here…I make “Me, Myself and…the Others” to keep in posted my family and friends (nhannn I live abroad…) 🙂

  3. Rachel Oh Says:

    It just Amazing blog~!!
    I totally agree with those bloggers. I always come here as a student
    who learn about fashion field. As a booker, I need to have good eyes
    and knowledge, but I’m not good enough yet,,, I always got an fresh idea in here, Samira’s small world is more than any famous fashion magazine and textbook for bookers. Good Luck!!!

    • Carol Vallu Says:

      Hi Rachel
      Thank you for your kindness, I really appreciate that!
      I’m glad to know that you always came here to see what is going on and also for follow the other Blogs I have here on my list
      Sam is a good friend of mine and her blog is really stunning
      Well tks once again I hope you enjoy!

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