…wONdErINg & DIsCoVerINg…

Today I was doing nothing at the night (being fairly accurate: 01h01a.m) enjoying my free time relaxing a little bit, listening some good music and thinking about one million things, like usual.

At certain point lain down on my bed I saw on the shelf this little cute cube that I brought from Denmark.
I swear, I never had thought before about the meaning of this three small words MIG / DIG / OS
And on that moment obviously, I started to wondering what was written there.  And I spent, I don’t know exactly how much time, maybe a couple of minutes maybe hours anyway …

I were there just looking hard to the cube, completely staring trying to decode him and recalling those days when I was there… You know, I’m always very curious but unfortunately this time I was not able to figure it out alone (okay, I must confess that I asked for some help to Google).

Finally, at the end I had discover and I’m so happy now that I decided to make a picture to post and never forget that moment. Look bellow the result, hope you like!


I + YOU ≠ US

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3 Responses to “…wONdErINg & DIsCoVerINg…”

  1. Larrisa Says:

    Uma das coisas que mais me suspreendem em vc Carolzinha é a sua capacidade em descobrir um mundo novo e só seu…Acho lindo quando você sisma com uma coisa e vai atrás de descobrir, de realizar sem desistir até consegui-lá. Sua força de vontade e determinação deveriam ser exemplo! Te admiro muito viu

  2. spp Says:

    You rock!

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