Strange coincidences

How could one person that you never ever met before know so much about you?
Strange … but sometimes these things happen and make us happy without any reason!

I won’t to believe in destiny but the incredible thing is: all these days have been full of good surprises and I love it! Often I have the feeling that I know exactly what will be the next chapter, seems that I lived already once my life before… Now my personal challenge is remember exactly what I did made and be able to find the ‘new fad’ on it all the time. I hate routine cuz don’t make any sense watch the same movie at the same evening… But I’m doing well, so far so good.

I’d learned to see beauty in everywhere. We both know how to chase the perfection till the end and this is one characteristic on you that dare me just start to wondering how…or when.
I try to stop think but I just can’t stop to smile.
To the others I can be anyone except myself…but when you are around is a kind of different I don’t know how to explain cuz seems that you can see what no one else can catch.
I only see what I wanna see…I only do what I wanna do!
My life, my history, my passion.
Present and Future, reality and insanity – my world!



This is a great song, a amazing lyric with a lovely videoclip
No doubts was a fantastic tip, tks boy!


2 Responses to “Strange coincidences”

  1. gregnbaker Says:

    I like this!

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