Cables…paths crossed

A few days ago on Feb 02th, I was walking around very inspired and floating mind, seeing beauty in everywhere when I decided to ‘catch my mood’ and this is the reason why I made this lovely photo (pls. have a look bellow!)

I’m absolutely convinced that life must to have a purport and I really like when I do pictures with special meanings.  Photography is one of my passions and after had checking out the good result I felt more than obliged to publish it on my Flickr and also here with some txt to express myself better somehow…

The history behind the scene: I was thinking about someone else really special. Yeap, he is special for lots of simple reasons… First of all to be this amazing guy that he is – no doubts about it! And also because I think that he is very alike me! Well I think that our history started before we meet (uncommon)… In fact either I know exactly what happened or when exactly everything begun, you know, simply just might to be.

Fate, coincidence…this doesn’t matter – what really matter is that my feelings are real and truthful! And I risk saying that we are doing very well, seems that we are perfect together!

I won’t lie or deny anything more, he ‘rock’ my world and definitely I’m enjoying all of it! Because he brings me joy, happiness, love to my life again and most probably that he doesn’t really knows how glad I’m for that…

Is good to have my mind set on him all the time (YES, I LIKE HIM A LOT!) Now I’m NOT afraid anymore to let he knows that – because seems that we felt almost the same so I think that is okay…

Anyway I’m fascinating for everything regarding this ‘new and wonderful world’ that I’d found even without looking for it…

I probably would love him even more if I had his physical presence more effective but it’s okay we still perfect even being apart and space everybody needs sometimes!  Once for all our history ‘together’ is much more and better than many ‘popcorn romantic movie’ or ‘silly cases of ordinary life’, you know…

For us doesn’t exist half-measures! For us is now or never, here and there, now and again because tomorrow can be too late.

I’m crazy and this is the reason that I say:  I’m in love!


I jumped!


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2 Responses to “Cables…paths crossed”

  1. Valentina Says:

    Cara, ne sono felice…

    • Carol Vallu Says:

      Oui…pero un vero peccato che tu non ci sarà qua weekend prossimo…
      Cmq grazie mille cara per il tuo commento!
      Mi hai fatto piacere, sono contenta da vero!
      Un bacio grande grande

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