My great taste in Music

I cannot live without music and definitly it have a big influence above me, in my mood.


I love this phrase…maybe because I love music!
People that know me well (or the ones who ‘can read between the lines’) frequently can recognize exactly how I’m feeling just by checking what I ‘m / was listening and this is fantastic and weird at the same time.
So if you have got curious and would like to try discover more about me, please have a look at my profile.

Just some curious datas:
-since early January ’08 till  middle of March ’10 I had listened about 14.363 songs
-average per week about 255, thats mean +- 36 songs per day, what is a kind of easy at least for me
-most played band in the last week: Bloc Party (182 times)
-most played band in general: Editors (517 times)
-most played song ever: Athlete – In Between 2 States (50 times)
-people who have similar taste of music as mine have between 21-26 years old, 33% of them come from Europe, 7%  from Brazil and 60% from North America.
-currently I have 569 favorite tracks.
-so far the most curious fact is: I met my boyfriend owing my taste of music, so I wanna say THANK YOU for had classified us “SUPER”!


Top bands since early 2008


Main styles: my little mix


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4 Responses to “My great taste in Music”

  1. gregnbaker Says:

    Ah, well I have discovered plenty of new music from my gorgeous girlfriend! 😉 Thanks!

    • Carol Vallu Says:

      Awww boy tks for the comment you make me smile as always and I love when you call me ‘gorgeous’…
      Yeah we both did it, we are SUPER there on and also on real life what is PERFECT!
      I miss you my best boyfriend ever and this the reason why I’m all the time with my mind set on you (only on YOU!)

      P.S: now I’m going to listen our playlist, I need music to feel close to you

  2. Erik Says:

    perfect girl…YOU rules!

  3. Matheus Says:

    Ja estou sentindo que vou fazer um perfil nesse troço ai pra mim tbm so pra te add e saber ainda mais sobre vc!

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