I’m sorry

—-> To those ones I have hurt and I will hurt and to those who will never know I hurt them:

I’m sorry
I’m sorry for everything
For what I did and didn’t do
For what I said and didn’t say too
For what I wanted and didn’t want
For what I wished and didn’t wish
I’m sorry if I wasn’t there when you needed
I’m sorry if I said the wrong thing or mistreated you in any way
I’m sorry that I didn’t have the modesty to recognize I was wrong
I’m sorry if I insulted you or your beliefs; if I laughed of you
I’m really sorry if I didn’t care that much about you as you ever done for me
I’m sorry if I forgot to say how important to me you was and how unforgettable you will always be
I’m sorry if I hurt you and I really really sorry for sooner or later do it with you
I’m sorry if I lied or cheated you
I’m sorry if I was cruel to you (even in my mind) or talked behind your back
I’m sorry if I made you waste your time and so sorry if I have disappointed you anytime
I’m sorry if I have always been so self-defensive for your taste
I’m sorry if I didn’t knew how to say ‘sorry’, and for never apologize to you
I’m really sorry if I negatively affected you in any way
I’m sorry for been always so overreactive, selfish or self-centered
I’m sorry if the only thing I would love was have listened to these words from you!

Sorry if I'm what I'm

This post do not deserve your forgiveness
in case you had felt guilty; it was just inspired by the
novel I were reading ―
‘I said nothing to girl’ by Luke T. Bergeron

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3 Responses to “I’m sorry”

  1. Vinicius Freitas Says:



  2. marcio Says:

    Posso copiar?
    Adorei demais…

  3. Carol Vallu Says:

    @Vinicius Valeu!

    @marcio poder pode….mas cita a fonte blz?!
    e que bom que gostou, essa é a intenção

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