Practice makes perfect!

Manage this equation isn’t so easy as looks like at the first sight and requires some practice…
To understand this formula we are doing intensive classes everyday
The important here is both keeping the constant efforts to learn more and more
We are doing very well, making progress little by little
What means that soon we will be able to solve this MATHEMATICAL PROBLEM!

1º ⇔

II we apart U weird < we together (tight)
II perfect U countdown = we together (balanced)
P(A) we get together # boring > weird + perfect (exceeded but not too much*)


It's all about Math!


2º I found the percentage for the time we spent together since the frist time till the actual day (reference used = 04 months or just 16 weeks, as you prefer): ±


sometimes it isn't as we would like to was...

*Note: I’m up all night now is about 4h50a.m and pretty soon I will need to really start my day, waking up (if I get sleep), go to work, etc…Well as the image above are saying: “sometimes it isn’t as we would like to was…” Really, that I would like to have a normal night and sleep as everyone else but I just cannot put me in my bed!!! And I  also would love to have my boyfriend close to me but unfortunately we have different plans for our lifes, for ours careers. We love each other (fact) but we also do love ourselves!  Whatever, this ‘outbreak’ for Math was totally inspired by the site Indexed and for my fixation in numbers and for have datas about everything ok, it maybe was completely useless I know… But sometimes I’m just so that GEEK [nerd] that I cannot control and I LOVE BEING THIS WAY!!!

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4 Responses to “Practice makes perfect!”

  1. Vinicius Freitas Says:

    Eu não diria Nerds, mas sim muito inteligente!!! Uma vez eu ouvi a frase: “if one girl is good with numbers; she will be great in everything” depois que li esse teu post faço dessa agora a sua frase! (só que no teu caso no seu caso não preciso nem dizer que és ‘fascinante’ e ainda assim seria pouco né?). Fico realmente intrigado com você de vez em quando… você sempre surpreende quando a gente menos espera, o que é fascinate

    E vê se vai dormir…se dê descanço vc merece!


    • Carol Vallu Says:

      Gostei disso
      Mas quando eu disse ‘nerds / geek’ eu estava me referindo no bom sentido, na verdade eu gosto de ser assim e nao me importo com rotulos pq eu sei bem o que sou

      Dormir??? me recuso, muita perda de tempo!!!


  2. Matheus Says:

    Amore porque eu nunca tinha me dado conta de que vc tem um Blog? Pq eu nunca tinha reparado antes que vc fotografa bem? Pq vc sempre sendo tao cabeça assim em matematica nunca formou grupo de escola comigo? 😛
    Onde eu estava? Pq vc nunca comentou nada…nossa estou com a impressão de que perdi tanta coisa sua…
    Vc faz falta nessa cidade cinza…
    Se cuida

    • Carol Vallu Says:

      Não sei…3x!
      Vc tbm faz falta nessa cidade cinza…
      Me cuido sim mas prefiro qnd os outros cuidam de mim …


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