15 simple tips for a better life

Now is about quite of later local time; and as usual I haven’t any will to go bed… What is good somehow because I can keep doing all my stuffs like read and write, listen to some music and always put new things to download , study etc and I also can find time from time, a lot of interesting things on the internet.
Tonight I had the good lucky to find a good txt to be shared here. I found this or should I said that this txt found me? Doesn’t matter,  it comes from another Blog I follow, the Não Sou da Sua Laia Cultural Blogspot (clicking on the link you will find the original version in Portuguese). Btw, as you can notice I dared to translate… and I really hope don’t have ruined it with all my grammar mistakes (anyway if I did)…
Hope that you all like it

1 – I wish that God forbid me to miss the romance even though I’ve already been hurt before…
2 – I wish not miss the optimism, even knowing that the future may not be so happy.
3 – I wish not lose the will to live life even knowing that will happen many painful moments.
4 – That I do not lose the desire to make great friends, even knowing that they come and goes all the time walking through moments of our lives.
5 – That I do not lose the desire to help people, even though many of them will be never able to recognize and that often they will not give me anything back.
6 – That I do not lose my mind, even wishing for many times just fall apart.
7 – I wish that I do not lose the will to love, even though that the ones I love most, might not feel the same for me.
8 – I wish that I don’t miss my light and the brightness in my eyes, even knowing that for many things I’ve saw in the world could be better if I was blind…
9 – I wish never lose the courage, even knowing that ‘defeat’ and ‘loss’ are two of my hardest opponents before win.
10 – I wish not lose my sense of reason, even knowing that temptations are there and they are numerous and delicious.
11 – That I not lose the sense of justice, even knowing that the injured could be me.
12 – That I never miss my big hug, even though of one of my arms is weak.
13 – That I never miss the beauty and bliss of living, even knowing that many drops will arise from my eyes and might get dark my soul.
14 – I wish that I don’t lose the love for my family, even though about the big effort I must to do to keep they together in harmony.
15 – I really wish that I never lose this big will to give this great love that exist inside my heart, even knowing that for times and so often it could be rejected.


just think about it


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