1+1 = 2

…and there is no other answer that can satisfy me…

I love because I am loved.
I am loved because I love.
I love you because I need you.
I need you because I love you.


I do, and you?


I’m once again up during all night…Why I just do not know!
I have thinking of you a lot, even knowing that I shouldn’t!
5h57a.m bye bye I need to rest for a while…


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5 Responses to “1+1 = 2”

  1. Maurício Says:

    And you need another answer? Hehe

  2. Greg Baker Says:

    Beautiful choice of words and photos 🙂 But who were you thinking of when you shouldn’t?

  3. Matheus Says:

    Anda boa de matematica mesmo heim Carolzinha
    Adorei esse!

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