Through those eyes…

They keep trying to hide something that cannot be denied…
I think they both are pretending to have something that shouldn’t exist – not on the real world…
I suppose they both are playing a too dangerous game, without even realize what might come next – after all those days, after all that…
And they just don’t care about because they insist in keep going and goes, always holding for more.
What is ‘more’ above that? They can never be satisfied – they are just like me.
I’m sure that they know how to fool the rest, except to themselves – they used the silence to show off in words what they were feeling.
They know sometimes it hurts, but they will not change each other at all (then why try?! Perhaps because they like to have their lives tricky? Bah…)
They don’t understand anything, they just did.
And I might never do the same as them (not in sanity); except in case when everybody knows that have thing to just feels…
Well, now I guess they have no idea what they want or no longer wants and the only thing we know is about a song …


don't you know? love is an abstract thing!


One Response to “Through those eyes…”

  1. Nick Sanders Says:

    I love this song….

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