Short Manual | part II

~Girls know that falling in love is a quite of easy to do sometimes
(especially if the boy is cute and nice)

~Boys knows that the challenge is staying together …
(no matter how interesting and ‘special’ she can be)

Both agree that: love is a ‘bittersweet’ lie, and life is just a game that they still don’t know how to play


sad but true...



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2 Responses to “Short Manual | part II”

  1. Leandro Says:

    You’re absolutely right. I wish one day I could learn how to play this game called ‘life’.

    And I envy the way you create your posts. =)

    Miss ya!


    • Carol Vallu Says:

      Nhannn tks a lot! I knew that at least someone must to agree with me
      I wish I could too…
      Awwww so you’re so sweet
      (kinda of ’emo’ from my side, sorry)…
      Well let’s say that my ‘criativity’ is CEUB’s fault !

      Miss ya 2!!!

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