XX the XX

I have never known this kind of love before.
When I looked at him for the very first time I almost gasped with the effort to contain my feelings; a few months have passed but I still remember how it was, maybe because it just happened again about 10 days ago… and was lovely and perfect as always.
He was for my surprise exactly what I’d thought, perhaps much more!
And I do not know why, but I truly realized those days that we were together, that I love him.
I love him, through over the sense of reason, just like that!
And doesn’t matter if I don’t know him yet that much, or if we have an unusual relationship, (let’s say that we are ‘valentines’ which aren’t necessary together all the time – what do not means we have ‘open relashionship’! NEVER!!! Anyway, it just happen because he lives in London and I’m still here at Milan. Obviously sometimes I do things and he get jealous or sometimes he do things and I get upset or blue, but we are working on it and doing well tks!)
Last week, on the 22th, made four months that we belongs to each other! As they says so far, so good… But sometimes I miss him so much (I know that we are being strong no matter happening but I just needed more certain days…yeah I wish I could hug him more often).
Anyway I do love him so much, I feel what I feel and this is the only thing I know undoubtedly and without deny!
And I know that he loves me too.
Ok might be true that it happened in a such short time and I’ll confess that have to listened those three magic words was the heaven! I love his British accent, his voice…
All this ‘physical distance’ is sucks but maybe this has made our feelings growing even more and become so real (sound it weird I know…) and let’s also say that we both were needing an unusual relationship to heal our hearts and to teach us about what we don’t know yet.
Whatever, his young life outweighs my own will to rationalize anything! I’m totally in love… we had and still having a ‘crush’; we are totally crazy and with some luck for so long still we’ll can being this way.
I’m ok with that, he also and together we are so happy!
Now he is part of my world and since him entrance into my life I have begun to smile lots again (the ones who knows me well can imagine what exactly this means…)
Yes, only he knows how to get my best smile (yeap, he knows how to bring it out easily), how to make me happy with a quick ‘hello my gorgeous girl’ or one simple random photo.
My heart is open to experiencing everything with him, through him and for him.
And I’m so glad that I can risk saying that I’m the happiest girl in the entire world just because of him (even being a quiet sad for other reasons sometimes).
Well what matters is that he inspires me like no one else!
And as I said he brought shine to my life again.
Since I saw him I knew that I might give anything for his happiness…
Because is such adorable the way as him smile at me, and cares for me kindly, I adore the way as him please me, as he ‘melting’ for me…
Is simply perfect and rewarding the way as I can feel him, as I can kiss him and touch him…
I love the way as only him look over me, because seems that only him can see what no one else can catch; and it’s worth any effort to travel over there, any effort to keep me holding for more, for the ‘next time’ and for so long…
To say I love you is mediocre, insignificant at best. There are no words adequate enough or unique for when as we are together that could express well my feelings!
I am what I am because of him: sweet and fresh, fussy and unpredictable, funny and gorgeous…
(at least to his eyes, I guess…)
Thank you babe so much, for everything and more! I cannot wait to see you again!



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6 Responses to “XX the XX”

  1. Fernanda Vallú Says:

    Realmente, muito fofo e meloso!
    Tenho que conhecer meu cunhadinho… rsrs

    • Carol Vallu Says:

      Nhannnn obrigado Sis… e sim em breve o conhecerá (mas acho que você tem que vir visitar a gente aqui pq não sei se ele anima mt de ir ao Brasil não…me aguentar por 15h ao lado dele dentro do avião ele não merece, tadinho… hahahha)

      fico feliz que comentou pela primeira vez!
      bju bju

  2. Shinaida Says:

    Minha foto preferida.
    Adoro te ver assim, empolgada, apaixonada, realista e disposta a ser feliz.
    Que essa felicidade seja só o começo.

    Adorei o texto =*

    • Carol Vallu Says:

      Sim mana usei essa foto de proposito!
      Sabia que vc gostaria, gosto de te matar de orgulho…
      E eu adoro saber que você me adora ver assim super realista e feliz!
      Me tornei a Cinderala do século XXI, a Alice da selva de pedras, a Pequena Sereia das montanhas hahahahahahha
      Minha história faço eu e quem mais eu deixar fazer parte dela…

      Obrigado mana pelo comment
      (fizemos progresso desde o seu ultimo hahhaha)

      T.A tbm!

  3. Mr Greg Says:

    15 hours in a plane with you? Aaaarrgghh! 😉
    Joking….I agree with everything you wrote above! xx

    • Carol Vallu Says:

      Babe 15hours in a plane with me would be ‘easy’, even worse would be 1 whole month at my side and with my crazy family that I love and miss so much… and this is not a joke!
      Hmmm obviously that you must to agree with me, I was talking amazing things about you… about us there was no other option!
      #arrghhh minha coisinha! (Google will not help you that much…rlx that is cute!)


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