Learned from the boys…

The most important thing that I have learned in life I have learned from boys.
Seriously and I’m not joking!
One, all boys are assholes, all without any exceptions; my father is, my best friends are, all my ex’s was and still being one; as I said, all boys are assholes unreservedly! But despite this little detail, I’ve still crushing for all them! Girls are addicted for Boys and vice-versa.
Two, sex is amazing! Make it whenever and with whoever you want to do. Be careful, protect and respect yourself, but foremost have fun.
Three, never invest yourself into an relationship with a boy. You don’t want to get hurt, right?
I have been friends with boys, worked with boys, lived with boys, dated and tried stable relationships with boys, and in all those cases, those three rules apply!
So think smart, be conscious that sometimes, you just have to stop caring and put yourself in the first place; others ones, you just need to let it go…
Be alert, notice the signs and leave them before you get left, looks difficult I know… as we Girls used to put our heart to think for ourselves. (crap!)
Anyway, I pray for the day we will do it easily, I pray for the day in which we learn to turn off all of our ‘emotion’ and ‘feelings’ to protect ourselves from getting hurt… Yes, I do.
Seriously, we should stop to care about what boys think about us or feels for, and start to be more independent, everybody should try to do that at least once, and I risk to say that I’m doing well, thanks.
Obviously sometimes our weakness prevents to do that completely and we choose to stay instead of just leave… and the price paid is have to put a fake smile on the face and keep pretending that everything is fine; even when it’s not!
Why do we do that? This I still don’t know…
Whatever, I’m convincing that the things I’ve said till now are the only way I know to protect ourselves from a broken heart! But in case, if you have any other good ‘theory’, please email me, will be a pleasure to compares the risks and the ‘pros and cons’… btw I’ve no problem in give in when I’m wrong, so feel free.

Well, you know what… once there was a girl.
A girl I know pretty well.
She used to be adorable but it was a long long time ago, that was before she had her heart broken…
After that, she became all fancy. Now she is fake; she still beautiful despite her scars but empty.
She shows off to the whole world as being stronger but she keeps living the ‘drama of growing up’ and she cries alone every night.
She has fear and she doesn’t know what she wants.
She says ‘no’ but her still believing deep inside about true love…
(Such a fool)
Anyway, now she is the one who are trying and I will be the one who says how this story will ends sooner or later…
I’m not a pessimist but I’m too realist and I walk with my feet on earth.
Everybody knows upfront that ‘love stories’ never changes, but what everybody does is keep watching the same film twice…
Why? That’s a thing called ‘hope’
Is sad have to sometimes see her getting hurt; see her often crying alone for somebody that is just another one who will break her lonely heart over and over because she allowed…
It’s rare but have days when the only thing she would love to do was to say aloud these words to him:

“I’m leaving… and I will not coming back. You broken my heart once and again”

But she doesn’t feel ready, she still seeing there something to fighting for, and this are the reasons why she insists in remain… She fools him but doing that, she also do the same to herself, she does it almost every single day and I feel so sorry for it.
Whatever, that’s not my road, not at all.
But one last thing is right, I would love to see her saying to him the words that I dared myself to put bellow:

“Before I go any further, I feel I need to let you know… it ends tonight.
I’ve waiting for so long, I tolerated the most as I could and now I cannot do that anymore.

These feelings… your acts, they are strangling me day by day.

Maybe it’s best you leave me alone. Once we’d were so close to make this right, but you just blew with everything, and now it’s too late to fight, so it ends tonight.

I’ve never said I love you so easily as I did with you. I still loving you even now and probably I will still doing that for a while. But the thing I most love was that girl I used to be… but to get it back, I’ve to leave you and you need to let me go. I’ve miss me and it hurts. I’m dying inside for being here with you. Please set me free because I almost done that today hopefully I’m too afraid to be dead that I prefer have to let you to go, because I’ll not stay. Bye”

Tonight I don’t know where is she… I have no idea what happened to him. The only thing I know is I could move on, and she survived to meet you.





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