Different ‘types’ of Girls | Short manual part IX:

Miss all-goes-well: she has a perfect life according to the others.

Miss bad: she is a naughty and mischievous, you won’t believe at things she can do.

Miss bossy: she is very bossy hence her name; but she is just very ‘practical’ which often is taking as ‘being rude’.

Miss brainy: she always has something smart to say.

Miss brilliant: she is very intelligent see yes, obviously she is! By the way, she find ‘solutions’ where nobody can see.

Miss busy: she is very hyperactive, and she is always doing something, literally. She is too hectic to calm down herself.

Miss careful: she is always cautious, she always looks before she leaps.

Miss chatterbox: she talks a lot, she never shuts up and for some ‘weird’ reason she annoys every one with her talking.

Miss chaos: she comes and goes as a hurricane!

Miss contrary: she always says the opposite of what she really means.

Miss curious: she wants to know about everything and she is all the time asking ‘why’.

Miss danger: she is almost always in danger. Usually, the danger starts with some normal activity but invariably something goes terribly wrong.

Miss daredevil: she loves to go to the extreme, she doesn’t know or have any limits, and she loves those three little words: “I Dare You!

Miss dotty: she is just dotty, she has often some pretty dotty ideas of her own, she is non-sense of herself at all.

Miss excess: she is always too much!

Miss excuse: she is apologizing all the time.

Miss fickle: she always has troubles making up her mind as her change all the time her opinion.

Miss fun: she loves to have fun, all night, every day. For her life is a big big party.

Miss giggles: she is funny and she can’t stop giggling. In fact, she giggles so much that when she’s around, everyone else starts giggling too!

Miss helpful: she tries to help everyone but ends up making everything worse. She actually can give helpful information, but the problem is sometimes misleading or told at the wrong time.

Miss independent: she is self-sufficient, she is almost all the time alone and it seems not bores her.

Miss index: she is more complete than an encyclopedia, she knows how to talk about everything.

Miss jealous: she is very jealous with everything and everyone.

Miss late: she is late for everything, she don’t use a wrist watch, and every clock in her house have a different hour.

Miss loud: she talks, laugh, complain and do everything else very loud, indeed everyone can hear her from faraway.

Miss mess: she can’t find anything as she putting everything back in the wrong place.

Miss naughty: she awakens one day just thinking it looks like a good day for being naughty, she loves to play practical jokes and one of her catchphrases is: “Sometimes I just can’t help myself.”

Miss no: before you finish what you were saying, she says NO.

Miss prim: she is always proper. She is never out of character.

Miss perfect: she does everything perfectly, she looks perfect all the time, she always says the right things at the right time.

Miss quick: she is always in a hurry. She didn’t even have time to finish the simplest thing.

Miss red: she blushes for any reason, she is very shy.

Miss scary: she loves fear and enjoys scaring people.

Miss scatterbrain: she is the least intelligent woman in the world, even less intelligent than a blank page; well she is blond and I didn’t said anything!

Miss selfish: she doesn’t like to share anything with anyone. The only thing she ever thinks about is ‘self’.

Miss splendid: she thinks she is better than everyone else, she is wrong! When she believes she simply must have something, she buys it.

Miss star: she wants to be popular more than anything.

Miss stubborn: she is unstoppable. She doesn’t know when to quit.

Miss sunshine: she is the jolliest person you have ever met, seems that she is always in
holidays as she is the smiling all the time without care about problems.

Miss tidy: she loves to keep things neat and clean, she has this uncontrollable craze with her and other stuff.

Miss tiny: she isn’t just small, she’s tiny, and she is cute!

Miss tragedy: she is a prankster, she tried to be serious but nobody else gives any credibility to her, and she insists to doesn’t know the reason why it happens. She is almost all the time doing some ‘drama’.

Miss twins: she does everything in pairs, and says things twice.

Miss up: she is always awake day and night, she has a lot of energy.

Miss vain: her beauty is the most important thing for her and should be also for the rest of the world.

Miss whoops: well as her name suggests. She should claims for “trained professional” at everything she does instead of just do and get wrong.

Miss wise: she is always thinking and overthinking. She is wise as an owl, possibly two owls. Being so wise and sensible meant that she brushed her teeth every day, made her bed every day, tidied her house every day, and did lots of other wise and sensible things. She would like to be Miss Perfect but what she doesn’t know is that miss just a little to that.

Miss wrong: she tries but she always does things at the wrong way and at the wrong time.

Miss yes: she always agrees with everyone on everything.

Miss zero: she is properly a ‘squit’, she exist but unfortunately nobody notices
her… she is cold and quiet.

Miss ZzzZzzz: she is so sleepy… and lazy that  if she could choice probably she will choose for just sleep forever.


Note: This stupid post was inspired by a cartoon that I used to watch when I was young called “Mr. Men e Little Miss”. I do not know ‘why’ but I’ve been thinking so much about this lovely serie. Really that I don’t know, and I just remember that it was funny. Sighs from a good times that will never coming back…



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