Different ‘types’ of Boys | Short manual part X:

Mr. awesome: he is always in good humor and everything most part of the time is simply ‘awesome’. – Started to rain, he says ‘awesome’, – being stucked in traffic jam for him is ‘awesome’, – has bills to pay ‘awesome’

Mr. bounce: He often speaks quickly and walks fast. His catchphrase is, “Hello! Goodbye!”

Mr. bump: can’t help himself having accidents. Simple things become a nightmare and he is all the time repeating to himself “You’ll never learn.”

Mr. busy: he can’t stop rushing around, always up to something, never sitting still. He is not only always up to something but he has no time for nobody.

Mr. cheeky: he has a sassy attitude what is ‘interesting’…

Mr. cheerful: he is always happy and his happiness is contagious.

Mr. clever: he is one of the smartest people in the world and he is conscientious about himself and the others.

Mr. clumsy: always breaks things or knocks things over. He is a disaster in everything and with everyone!

Mr. cool: is the coolest person in the world; he is almost the perfect guy except for his ‘intelligence’…

Mr. daydream: he is a nice boy, and he likes to daydream a lot. He says has been daydreaming all the time, then he realized daydreaming is more fun than the real life

Mr. dizzy: he believes in everything, cheat him is easy as everybody is clever except him.

Mr. expert: he knows almost about everything and he does that very well!

Mr. extreme: he rox, he goes till the end, he has no limits he might doesn’t know he just do.

Mr. forgetful: he has a short memory, and ppl usually get upset with him for a reasonable reason!

Mr funny: no one has a sense of humour like him and ppl loves him easily as he is able to make them feels good.

Mr. fussy: is a perfectionist. He would not tolerate anything imperfect. He is also very clean and will not tolerate anything dirty as well as being fussy about details.

Mr geek: he is the new nerds, he is cool, such clever, love geek stuff and have always a good argument.

Mr. good: well he is good in general meanings, he is a big big heart.

Mr. greedy: he loves money and for him everything must to be in overstatement.

Mr. grumble: he is the grumpiest guy in the world. Bah! he hates laughter, talking and he hates singing he hates everything and he is all the time complaining! Grrrrr he sucks!

Mr. grumpy: is the grouchiest person in the world. He’s always in a bad mood, hating anyone or anything he comes across he is practically the Mr. Grumble a little worst. His catchphrase: “Go Away!”

Mr. happy: he is smilling lots, full of joy always. He knows how to easily motivate people around. His catchphrase is: “wonderful”. He is similar the Mr. Awesome but without the ‘irony’.

Mr. impossible: nothing is impossible to him. He can do anything. He proves he can do anything in some amazing ways!

Mr. jelly: is afraid of everything, such as the snapping of a twig. He often hides under the covers. He doesn’t face the real world. His catchphrases: “Oh, no no no no no no!”

Mr. lazy: he needs to sleep more than every other guy. He is tired even before start to do things. His catchprase is “tomorrow I will do”

Mr. meaning: he needs a reason for everything!

Mr. messy: is not only messy but unclean and unhygienic also, notably more than he is messy.

Mr. mischief: he plays tricks on everybody, he doesn’t know the limit at the others what make him a kind of cruel.

Mr. miserable: he sucks! He complains lots about everything and everyone…

Mr. muddle: he gets the simplest things messed up.

Mr. no: always disagrees with everyone and everything.

Mr. noisy: he is always loud. He doesn’t talk he scream all the time… and it’s annoying.

Mr. nonsense: he will gives you the most random answers for your questions. He will do things completely unexpected.

Mr. opposite: he does everything the wrong way around.

Mr. perfect: everything about him is just perfect. He never has a bad day or anything.

Mr. quiet: he doesn’t speak that much, he is shy and scared.

Mr. rude: as his name suggests, is rude to everyone. He insults a man with a big nose or an overweight woman without even care about their feelings. He doesn’t take care about anything or anyone. He is very selfish.

Mr. rush: is always in a rush but he never does anything properly.

Mr. scatterbrain: he lives on his own world he concerns about it but he cannot be changed; this is the reason why instead of apologize himself he just saying “Where’s my head?”

Mr. silly: he is such goofy, happy but too immature at the same time.

Mr. slow: takes so long to do everything. It took him until New Year to open his Christmas presents, and until Easter to write his thank-yous.

Mr. stubborn: he often assumes others are wrong, even when it is obvious that he is wrong.

Mr. stupid: he is goofy, rude, sarcastic, nonsense and practical at the same time.

Mr. tickle: he has a simplistic character and he is determined to tickle everyone he interacts with. He enjoy this ‘fight’ as heis very ticklish, usually he is smiling all the time.

Mr. uppity: he is rude to everybody and is always challenging with ppl around.

Mr. valiant: he has a lot of courage for everything, if there is something that must to be done, he goes there and get done.

Mr. worry: he worries about everything. If it rains, he worries that his roof will leak, if there is no rain, he worries that all of his plants will die. When there is nothing to worry about, Mr. worry start to worried about not having anything to worry about.

Mr. wrong: he does everything wrong. He tends to do everything in his life the wrong way.


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