Short Manual | part XIII

Arguments & Misunderstandings

…definitely they are two things that everyone has, especially into relationships built on words in the wind
But you may still have time to wake-up if:

The more you do, the less you have.
The less you get, the more you fight.
The more you argues, the more you feels unsatisfeid, the less you understand or cares about.
Consequently, the more you have misunderstandings, the less you want to move further within.
What basicly means the less you feel motivated to love and be loved the more close to ending you are.

Yes, the truth is just simple like that: is never too late to change while you are alive! So stop to complain, rise your ass, do whatever must to be done and move on (in case you aren’t happy with who you are now). Ok, I know, sometimes the problem is to find out a way to realize it at time.

Yeah, the fucking damn problem is always try to racionalize feelings…
Well, good luck to you too!

P.s: The opposite apply perfect (the more you receive the more you do in return)!


I don't want to be part of a Statistic...


Argues: if it is unavoidable, always do your best!


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