Girl Power

Short Manual | part XIV
What every real girl should to know:

Random tips, good results

–             Show a Boy that you are not afraid of losing him. Doesn’t mean that you can replace him with any man, but that you will be fine without him. You don’t need him but you are there with him by choice. Boys respect independent Girls! Independent Girls are happier than all the others!!!
–             Never (I said N-E-V-E-R!) assume you are not attractive enough. Beauty is how you carry yourself. Being confident in your own skin KEEPS a Boy attention. Don’t be intimidated by another girl, you are enough. He can take it or leave it or better YOU can have him by your side ordon’t, i’ts your choise.
–             Don’t shout and be loud make out with drunk random boys, to grab his attention at a party, club or even into other social medias life. Be classy, a real girl just has to walk in and smile and know how to carry a conversation. So respect yourself.
–              During a break up NEVER, EVER chase a Boy! You are the Girl of the situation, he is the one who is suppose to be courting you!!!
–              Be passionate about your job, hobby, friends, etc… HAVE A LIFE. Don’t have your world revolve around a Boy. You are an individual!
–              Don’t answer last minute midnight calls. Don’t be available all the time to them, make them wait for you.
–              Be confident. Do what you want do without wait for nobody.
–              Develop a defense mechanism to absorb his stupidness and keep it from affecting your own behavior. Humor works well because it allows you to laugh off the things he says or do and make others laugh at the same time. Others believe that a humorous defense mechanism means you’re ‘thick skinned’ and nothing bothers you and it empowers you in a different way.
–              It’s a shock when a Boy says to a Girl, “quit your bitching”. At first, you should have to know how to avoid sort complaints in front of a Boy! For many reasons but especially because they don’t process the information in the same way Girls do. You have a right to express your opinions but without complain too much.
Well, enjoy and try to handle with that!

Still looking for more advices? Call me or send me an email! HuahUIHAUIhaUIHAuiahUIAH

XO lol


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One Response to “Girl Power”

  1. jessika Says:

    Gente…quanta sabedoria!!! Voce e incrivel gata, um luxo seu Blog, um escandalo os teus textos! Arrazou

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