Boys says… | Short Manual | part XV

The 40 things that Girls cannot even imagine being sexy…

1- Bra strap on display
2- Freckles on the face
3- Smudged mascara
4- Breasts that fills the hand – not too big, not too small
5- Messy hair on the morning
6- Radiant smile
Moan during sex
8- Biting lip and ‘frown’
9- Strong personality
Read lying on her stomach with the feet up
Pubic hair off
12- Haircut with bangs
13 – Intelligence, sympathy and self-sufficiency
14- Glasses
15- Flaccidity in the inner thigh (boys love to squeeze there!)
16- White t-shirt or dress
17- Jogging with headphones
18- Shake gently the hair with fingers while talk
19- Little feet
20- Skirt on the knees
21- Sweat gym class
22- Tie the hair anyway
23- Play and bit with the pen in the mouth
24- Hair in the wind
25- Cross-legged
26- String panties
27- Initiative / attitude in bed
28- Arranging the panties in the street and do that with charm to not let anyone see
29- Teddy bear
30- Read magazine or newspaper on the subway taking a coffee
31- Cry out of anger
32- Brush teeth
33- Eating and soiling
34- Funny pyjamas
35- Masturbation
36- Heels in the bed (outside either)
37- Look away and blush
38- Sexy lingerie and pantyhose
39- Wet hair
40- Cotton panties



#picture by perpetually

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9 Responses to “Boys says… | Short Manual | part XV”

  1. Personal Care 101 Says:

    Boys says? | Short Manual | part XV…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  2. Gui Costa Says:

    9, 13, 14, 17, 22, 24, 25, 30, 30, 30, 36, 37.

    and that’s so true. some girls just do it so naturally and they really have no idea of how these simple things can be really sexy. they don’t even have any idea of WHATS GOING ON when we’re just STARING at ’em.




    just to let u know that I still read your stuff. even tho I don’t post any comment so often, okay?

    keep photographing as well. you’re doing GREAT.
    btw…this pic is AMAZING. saved it in my pc already.

    te cuida concorrente do G1…quer dizer… G1 ce ja bateu faz tempo…



    • Carol Vallu Says:

      Dude you are the best!
      Thank you so much for your comment – I loved!!!
      sim você não faz idéia de como eu tenho ‘estudado’ meninos e meninas e parece que estou no caminho certo… acho que vou começar a dar palestras sobre comportamento – ficar rica e famosa quem sabe hahahahh

      Saudades de você e bom saber que você le sempre, pq eu faço o mesmo!

      Sobre continuar fotografando… sim tenho feito bastante, pratica leva a perfeição (tirando o fato de que a minha camera nao ajuda muito…mas eu tenho estado contente com os resultados). Valeu por pegar outra foto minha pra ser seu papel de parede… fico contente em saber!
      Estou indo fazer o upload de algumas novas agorinha mesmo!

      Bjs e ate breve!

  3. Greg Baker Says:

    Either Google is very stupid or that comment talks about Mr Competitor! 😛 Hmmm…breathe! Haha.

    • Carol Vallu Says:

      ahhahahahh Mr Competitor? you are funny babe… well lets say that he is the guy will marry me when I get old in case nobody else wants to do that before my 40th B-day hahahahah

  4. Pilar Says:

    Adorei. Hoje me dediquei a voltar ao seu blog. adoro as coisas que vc coloca aqui!

  5. Rodger Says:

    I really liked this list. Its very true. So many of those things are beautiful to me. I realize that so many women don’t give these things a second thought. Which is a blessing. Alot of the things on this list are funny to think about being attracted to. It has made me want to create a list of things that women are attracted to that men don’t give a seconds thought to. There are quite a few actually. It’s funny. Men and women are more alike than you’d think

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