It’s incredible how suddenly life can be changed.
And as usual big changes demand certain kind of pain, it in general meanings…
I might to say that till last weekend my life was perfect!
But since last Sunday (July, 11th) my life turned upside down!
Everything has changed about 180°!
Now I’ll have to get by and find a way to learn to fly.
I need to learn how to find happiness and smile again.
I need to find a way to rise and move on.
I need to get back to my way. Back on the road I chose to follow…
I need
I need…
I need and thats the only thing I can thinking about right now!
Unfortunately I’ve jumped but not because I wanted to,
I jumped because I was pushed out… and without any parachutes!
Now I’m broken in two and I cannot feel anything.
Weird, seems that I’m truly habitated to this kind of situations into my life.
Those who know me well perhaps remember how I was last year at this same period…
Life can sarcastic and not funny sometimes!
But the show must to go on…
Definitly I’m convinced that July isn’t my month… not at all!
At last year in July I was dying, I had lost my faith, my good life, my everything… But I’d lost those things for good!
Now, I’d lost almost everything and I hope it has been lost for a good reason once again…
It has being really hard as here I’m on my own and faraway from everybody, but I know that I need to keep fighting.
It’s hurting me inside and the only thing I can do now is cry out to forget.
Honestly, I wish I could just close my eyes for a while and pretend that at the end everything is gonna be okay as it was before and be sure that it has happened to make me even more strong but I don’t know this time in what I should believe.
People says that nothing happens without a reason and at the end I’ll be okay, that I just need more time…
Is it real so?
I need something to believe before I give up…

I really want to quit!


2 Responses to “180°”

  1. Pilar Says:


    que passa? Meu deus meus como queria te dar aquele abraço da última vez que nos vimos aqui em sampa, pra dividir e quem sabe assim é diminía a sua dor…
    firmeza carol, vc é a pessoa mais forte que eu conheço e saiba que se a dor aumentar vc me tem por perto e sabe que pode recorrer.
    sem mais delongas…

    te adoro. estou por aqui. um monte de beijinhos

    • Carol Vallu Says:

      te adoro… simplesmente assim sem precisar explicar! em breve voce me da esse abraço!
      obrigado amora

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