Love is a battlefield
Where there is no escape,
Where no one survives,
Where nothing can trully finish last…
And there is a lot of weird coinscidences and strange facts.

Love is something about live or die; as long similar to the famous tale of the Lion and the Lamb…
When suddenly the Lion, king of the jungle, dangerous and proud fell in love for the Lamb, without a reason…
Because there is nothing to fit in.

The Lion strong and selfish admires the Lamb,
The small and fluffy Lamb always cute as can be…
Is the majestic Lion
Who is beautiful, bold and loud
Is the little Lamb
Munching on grass, filled with glee, silly, lovely…

Both belongs to different worlds,
Are the Lion and the Lamb
Unique as sun and rain at the same
And yet, they stay together, but they are both damned already…
They aren’t meant to be
As they cannot stick together
And it shouldn’t be this way…

Have you ever heard the expression “lying with the enemy”?
It is just like that, but a little worst as there are some strange feeling between…
And no matter happens, even though they will be in love.
But together, they can’t be,
Because the whole time their together
There is no guarentee to stay alive, to see the next day light…

Will be the Lamb safe
From the Lion, with his hunger so vast?
Even though they are in love
The Lamb might not last
And it isn’t the Lion fault…
It’s called destiny, fate, fatality
It’s his nature…
There was nobody fault…

As it was meant to be a small accident
One tiny little mistake
And that would be the end of the Lamb
Causing the Lion to break
Broken in two, falling apart for while.

Because even though the Lion loves the Lamb,
It is in his blood
Above his nature
To kill the one he loves even when it hurts,
The Lion needs to survive.


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  1. sargansaor Says:

    I would like to exchange links with your site.
    Is this possible?

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