‘Love’ was when you pass by me accidentally
Was when the distance was measured by a phone calls and just a few minutes away.
You grabbed a sense of my smile, my total attention and much more…
But between ‘us’ there is nothing that could last for more than just nights.

I wished I could have shown you only the real ‘me’, the normal girl
So I can’t…
Now, we are not so ‘right’, but even not so that ‘wrong’.
You’re careful with yourself when you say “I won’t to surrender by ilusion, I don’t know what to do”…
And me either but just let’s live for a day, like there is no ‘tomorrow’!

We’re different, yet the same.
Now I need to effort every time that I cannot no longer see you to see
When we cannot just feel to feel
The power of you touching me, kissing me, hugging me, then leaving me…I will never forget.
Now I’m alone tonight I don’t know where you are.
But that’s okay, because soon I will find a way to bring you back to me once again,
As always pretending that could be forever even knowing that it might be the last time.


super quero!


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