Today, tomorrow…

Now his blue eyes seems strange to me…
And after him I just couldn’t be ‘me’ anymore.
His blue eyes haunts me, kills both of us.
But still tells me about our story.
Still shows the love for me and yet somehow I’m terrified by fear if in case we cannot go further as before.
Because I just don’t know me anymore or what I want from now!
Well anyway, about the future, it might to never come back again since here is just now.
But I will wait and see what tomorrow will bring to us.

I’m so sorry if I hurt you being me…


One Response to “Today, tomorrow…”

  1. Greg Baker Says:

    My gorgeous girlfriend…I can only hope and dream (with my fingers crossed) that we can go further together…we will wait and see what the next few weeks brings us, but you should just know that my life is better after meeting you…always. I will always try to be better…for you.

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