things you did not know…

Some of my words…

Be yourself.
Ha! Isn’t that so cliché? But it is full of truth.
You could had been you all the time, but you did not…
You should know, the people who matter are not going to care about how much you fit in or don’t.
They are awesome and care about you no matter what. Find these people and surround yourself with them. They will be there for you to cheer you up or make you smile always.
Just remember that they have added you to their circle and also need a shoulder to lean on.
Do not waste their time, do not use them only by your convenience! And more than that: do not chase people who doesn’t worth, in fact don’t do this never! I’ve learned that…
Don’t be afraid to show yourself no matter what you do, no matter who you are. Show people you are amazing despite somewhat embarrassing talents or whatever.
Be yourself, protect your heart. Don’t judge or let they do that with you!
This is a courage that not many people have and when people see it, they will respect you all the more, and they might also realize who in fact you are!
I know that I don’t have all this courage, that I’m not so good as you’ve thought… I know, you neither but I wish you had.
Now I’m convinced that I have been chasing the wrong bird, but it doesn’t mean anything at the end, since I have no regrets about things I did! So let’s enjoy and celebrate what remains from! Just because it is not a holiday doesn’t mean we can’t have a party.
It’s what life is about, story repeats itself.
I’m almost done with you…but a few more things:
Don’t be so serious all the time, don’t take every fact so far… Don’t expect that much about the future, live your life just for a day.
Live life to its fullest and never cheat that much with the others. You never know when will be you who will need them! Try to never lose the ones who loves you…
And don’t forget to be grateful of everything, being good or bad nothing happens without a reason. Do stupid things, epic shit but be aware about their effects! Since you’ve lost it’s hard to get back to the battlefield but it’s not impossible! But since you’ve broken someone’s heart, it will never have the original form again!
Remember: be yourself, not an idiot like all the others!

P.s: it wasn’t written for anyone in particular!

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