Yes, please…

will you help her to get through this?

Well, sometimes I think I need the same,
Sometimes I think I need help.
That I should to try hard to completly forget about bad memories in general…
Sometimes I whish I could just live my life in the real world, doing normal stuff, like everybody does.
Sometimes I pray for my future even if it scares me lots.
But then suddenly I get back into myself (without any faith) and I remember what I did last time I tried to live in the real world!
So I don’t want or need it again…
You know what, being very honest, things are just too complicated to make them just ‘easy’;
too ‘easy’ to make them ‘right’ but not even ‘impossible’ to make it work out ‘perfectly’, as the way should be.
I know now it’s my turn to try to get over myself even though I still needing a computer to say this but there I go…
My sincerely appologies once again for all those one I hurt in the past.



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