The words I wanna hear…

“You are not perfect but that’s perfectly normal for me!
And no matter happens I’ll take you with all that you are.
With your complications…,
your uncertainties…,
your longings…,
your secrets…,
your past…,
your pain…,
your fears,
and dreams.
I wanna be your best companion, your unconditional love and friend.
I wanna take your breath away, make you cry with laughter tears of joy.
I wanna kiss you all over and tickle you till you scream!
I wanna surprise you by proving that I am not like all the boys before…
And what I wanna most is wrap you with my arms, care of you and make you happy.
I would love to have you here close to me the most of time…
Because is that what LOVE is about and I promise you I’ll will take you completely without exemptions!
Babe don’t push me away from you, please don’t play with my heart.
Believe me when I say those three little words…

Ps: I love you…


sometimes we have to be patient


#photo by skhizein, thanks for the cortesy!


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3 Responses to “The words I wanna hear…”

  1. Luis Says:

    hope you let these things that you keep inside get away soon… See ya tomorrow, I hope

  2. No real name Says:

    Vous méritez donc il! Bis

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