Between you and I

There is nothing else that scares me more than my future with you!
Honestly, I wish I could predict the day after tomorrow,
Convince myself that at the end we’ll be alright.
I wish I could teach you better how  to read me between the lines…
How to break me gentle even though I’m already broken.
And if I could I would never get closer to disappoint you again!
But I’m unpredictable, believe me I’m not reliable instead of,
I’m too passionate and so damn blind…
Sometimes I say too much and sometimes I don’t,
Sometimes I go out for a fight, sometimes I wish you’d tried it for me.
Sometimes I’m totally selfish and so childish, sometimes I’m centered and calm.
Sometimes I do loads of things to show off my love for you and sometimes I don’t, as if I just didn’t care…
I’m full of big defects and at the same I’ve so many good points!
I know we are unique at the way we love, at the way we insist to stick into a relationship even being apart most of the time…what makes me proud of both sometimes.
No blame or shame it’s not our fault to have fallen in love and trust me when I say that I’ll never hold you back from something you want so bad.
Well, this is another thing what truth love is about!
Yes, everybody deserve to be happy, no matter how and I know sometimes it’s hard to realize but deep inside we know what could be the best choice for me and you…but we are such sturbborn and that’s the beauty of ‘us’!
Babe, be your girl and having you as my boyfriend is one of things what keeps me moving along and this time I’ll not do like everybody does! I’m not giving up of just because things started to get complicated!
So please, consider my words because I’m still believing that together we can make it last forever!
Hope to get back to you…
Hope to see you smiling soon!

I miss you and it kills me!




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