Let’s try this…

1-How are you feeling at this moment?
Very thoughtful and concentrated on keep breathing and stop writing.

2-How did you get one of your scars?
Most due to self-harm.

3-How did your night go last night?
Went to bed lately, was about I have no idea I wasn’t feeling alright because I was drunk. I felt worried and happy about my uncertain future…

4-How did you celebrate your last birthday?
Celebrating life as I was still alive…was my 27th and this was in Milan maybe the most important birthday at all.

5-How often do you see your best friend?
I don’t really have one, I mean not close to me. But I’m seeing basically random people daily.

6-How much money did you spend last month?
Hmmm…I have no idea :/

7-How old do you want to be when you get married?
I think doesn’t matter, if you find your love with 80 or 18 doesn’t matter as long as it’s love and you want to spent your life with your partner, even though to be very honest, I’m not pretending to get married never again, I already know how this experience look like and it seems as a HELL!

8-How did you feel about your body shape?
I’m a girl and as a girl I’m not totally okay with…

9-How many hours did you spend on your bed?
Difficult question…for sleeping not more than 4h per night but I like to be setting on to write, watch TV series, chat with friends etc.

10-How big is your family?
Actually my family is a quite small, 2 sisters, grandparents only by my father side, 3 uncles and 5 cousins. So far I guess is it.

1-What did you do last weekend?
I felt loved, I was in London with boyfriend, visiting parks and good restaurants.

2-What did you last cry over?
About my current situation. Felt like I couldn’t handle life…I’m still having up’s and down’s (more up’s recently though which is great!)

3-What always makes you feel better when you’re upset?
Breathing and thinking about a song that I like…I have many and they change a quite often… For the moment Carolina Lier – When you are here is one of my favourite ones. Particularly this song always makes me feel like anger doesn’t bring me any further. Write down disconnect thoughts helps me also pretty well.

4-What’s the most important thing you look for in a significant other?
Trust, honesty and loyalty. I’m always trying to look for in others what I usually don’t have inside myself…

5-What is your favourite hobby?
Stay up all night! Also taking pictures and then retouch some of my best shots. By the way I like to study people I always learn something new about me doing that! There is so many different things…

6-What sexual position did you prefer?
It depends of my mood…depends of my partner, if is a man or a girl…damn it’s relative!

7-What is your motto?
Life is too short to regret!

8- What did you usually have for breakfast?
Cornflakes with milk, very lazy I know…or delicious croissants when I’m in love.

9-What is your first thought on the morning?
“Oh, no! Where am I???”  #joking! Pfff mornings isn’t for me…

1-Have you ever liked someone who had a girlfriend/boyfriend?
For sure, who don’t?!

2-Have you ever had your heartbroken?
Many times that basically what remains cannot barely being broken because there left almost nothing.

3-Have you ever been out of your country?
Yeah, often. I live abroad in a distant and old land now…

4-Have you ever done something outrageously dumb?
Too often.

5-Have you ever been back stabbed by a friend?
Cannot really remember when was the last time…oh hold on, yes actually I do remember, it was a few days ago but we are ok now.

6-Have you ever had sex on a ‘weird’ place? Or with someone else on the same gender?
Nah not yet…And yes why not just by curiosity.

7-Have you ever dated someone younger than you?
Sure…I think I prefer young guys, don’t know why and I don’t mind about how old someone is, but about he or she actually is.

8-Have you ever read an entire book in one day?
Yes, several times…I’m addicted by paper and it doesn’t matter if is to read or write!

1-Who was the last person you emailed?
My boyfriend…

2-Who was the last person to call you?
Someone unknowing by mistake just now (weird).

3-Who did you last hug?
Stefania my lovely ex-rommatte on friday night.

4-Who was the last person you said “i love you” to?
Drhannn… I will skip this one seems a bit stupid.

5-Who is your hero?
My daddy and my other “I” who has more lifes than a cat!

6-Who would better describe you in just one word?
I don’t know…apart from me, nobody though. By the way if someone would like to try feel free!

7-Who is your “safe harbor”?
My ex-boyfriend, DTC…I know it may sounds weird but I cannot live without him! And even being apart now we need to chat every single day.

1-Where does your best friend live?
Best friend? Hmmm what it means? Ops, ok ok I was kidding. Well my best friend ever lives in my hometown just about 16000km away from where I’m living now…

2-Where is your favorite place to be?
In a park…or inside my mind.

3-Where did you sleep last night?
In a friend house…actually I have been sleeping here for the past week…

4-Where you are planning to spend holidays?
My eternal holidays?! Well I think will be in London, Switzerland, or maybe in a new different city, who knows…

5- Where did you last cry?
On the bathroom taking a shower a couple of days ago.

6-Where are you now?
In Milan, center of city, first floor, in my temporary bedroom.

1-Do you like someone right now?
Yes, lots! Actually I do love someone… but sometimes I think I shouldn’t as seems so unfair stay apart from each other, but indeed don’t really want to be together 24/7 otherwise I suppose ‘he’ will be a Italian guy and not a British one as I have. I know it sound crazy and pretty selfish keep a relationship by distance… Yes, sometimes I feel like stuck in between.

2-Do you think anyone likes you?
Yes, I like to be optimistic!

3-Do you ever wish you were someone else?
Yes, who doesn’t?!…but all in all I wouldn’t want to be anyone else.

4-Does the future scare you?
Yes, always! ‘Tomorrow’ never comes and believe in something so unreal is for me really scare!

5-Do you have any bad-habit?
Yes, lots…I’m a smoker, insomniac, lier, I have something close to ‘double personality’…Well I’m all fucked up!

1-Why are you best friends with your best friend(s)?
Because we choose for each other?! Well there’s no reason, but I guess it was destiny or idiocy from both of us! Lol

2-Why did you get a Blog?
The main reason was I love to write, it’s like the air I breathe everyday… As I feel myself almost obligated to share my stupid random thoughts with others and it was an efficient way to do that!

3-Why did your parents give you the name you have?
Ana was because my grandmother’s name so my mom decided that I should have it too and Carolina because my father thought that just the first one wasn’t enought too short though…

4-Why are you doing this survey?
By curiosity and because I wanted to try it.

1-If you could have one super power what would it be?
Read other minds…even if I maybe don’t always want to know what they think. Or freezing the time, yeah that would be awesome for someone like me with so many here’s and there’s… By the way I wish I could have the power to be happy forever and make ppl too.

2-If you could go back in time and change one thing, would you?
Not so sure…I’m the kind of people who believes in events in chain…everything is connected what means if I changed anything from my past my future would be different from now and somehow I’m pretty glad with the life I have even though I still complaining lots…

3-If you were stranded on a deserted island and could bring 1 thing what would you bring?
Difficult to choose just one thing…kilos paper and a million pens is that ok?!

1-Would you ever get back together with any of your ex’s if they asked you?
Maybe with one yes…but not so sure as we are perfect being great friends.

2-Would you ever lie again to protect someone you love?
Very probably yes…

Are you happy with your life right now?
At the very moment – no. I’m satisfied but not honestly happy, I’m annoyed at home the weather is terrible today and I have nothing to do or anyone to talk right now!


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