About a Love Story

Isn’t easy to keep a love story by distance but it’s not impossible either!
Physically we are about 956km or 516 miles away. Emotionally and mentally just 2 clicks from a Skype conversation or a phone call…
Believe you or not but we have been doing that for the past 11 months, in which we have experienced extremely feelings, going from good to bad though but always getting back to the right road… always getting back to the each other arms. And hopefully neither of those kind of ‘falls’ we’d were deep enough to bring us down and make us want to quit of our love.
Actually, not only speaking for myself, we both agreed that it made us even more stronger than we had ever thought we was or what our feelings for each other could be about.
Exactly now we’re apart, but I’m going to go to see him soon again and whenever I think of him I try to imagine him as words in my head: clever, charming, a bit stubborn, extremely sexy, witty…
Or as dreams that coming during my nights and days, without control, gracefully and unforgettable…
While we are apart I try to somehow form a perfect memory of him, of ‘us’ as pictures which remained in my mind forever. I do that in the way that comes to me most naturally – using words. And that is the reason why I am filling on this white and boring (virtual) piece of paper…
I have missing him so much theses days!
I miss the way he used to look at me in the morning, the way he used to hug me tight every time I dared to put my head on his chest, the way he smiled at me making me smiling back at time… I miss his good smell, his incredible voice and his adorable blue eyes… The way how he used to staring on me when only the comfort silence was what remained between us. Sometimes his gaze were full of wonder and others full of silly doubts and certain wishes that also I was having. We are so alike and I might to confess that it scares me and surprise me at the same!
When I keep myself looking back at the past, I stay proud in say that honestly do not regret about anything what I done in my life; and have him feeling safe now to diving inside my world completely is one of the best things that I will never forget from 2010. We are just like wine, we are getting better and better with the time.
We know that the time are passing, and we won’t to lose a chance to look forward. Life must to go on, no matter happens just with what make us happy and I definitely cannot wait for what 2011 will bring to us!
I’m so fortunate and I do recognize this! We will have the possibility to be watching the New Year’s Eve together in London; I will be where I supposed to be most of time, I will be at his arms and I think I should be mandatorily grateful every single morning for have met him! Because chances of found without even being looking for one so good guy as him and get it as my boyfriend – one in a billion!
I will not deny that sometimes I cry without a reason, that sometimes both of us wished just have one second together to punch each other face… That the lack of his presence in my days is painful or that I’m holding so bad for the future, for our future close together.
We have no more secrets and we’re trying hard to not get or let the other hurt.
He opened my eyes to see that our relationship is built not on the sand, not at the daily routine or into just sex and promises that were made to being broken, but instead of, it is building on honest and clear conversations, strong feelings, whishes and in one insane and unsatisfied will of more and more!
Yes, I love him as I have never thought I could love somebody like this before.
We are unique and I want to be this way for a long long time yet.
Yes, I want him to want us to last forever!


No doubt, one of my favourite pictures of ‘us’!

I do not get tired of read it every single day…


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