Letter to him | part VII


I’m waiting
Waiting for happiness,
For freedom…
I’m waiting for ‘hellos’,
And brief ‘goodbyes’
I’m holding waiting for someone,
Waiting for love and be loved,
I’m waiting for fire…
I have been waiting for him since we’ve met.
I love you G. and I miss you so…


I can’t wait to have you back to me…


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2 Responses to “Letter to him | part VII”

  1. gregnbaker Says:

    Gorgeous photo, and lovely words! 🙂 I’m also waiting for and anticipating every moment, love you too!

    • Carol Vallu Says:

      I’m glad you liked it babe…I got inspired by you after our last conversation. If this is ‘gorgeous and lovely’ it’s just because of you! So thank you for making part of my life, it’s much better now that I have you with me, all the time in my thoughts. Yours GG

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