Up in the mountains

Was amazing to have spent one long weekend with my boyfriend and his parents in a quiet lovely place. Rosswald in Switzerland (in the Valais region) is definitely beautiful – full of snow, wild life and friendly people! The place is a medium sized ski resort with 6 ski lifts that offers skiers an incredible 1600 metres (5248 feet) of vertical descent in 25km (16 miles) of pistes only a 171km away from Milan – awesome!

Swiss chocolate, cable car, ski, laughs, stars, pine cones, hot drinks, lifts, plenty of snow, fun, falls and of good memories… This time I have nothing to say but was perfectly unforgetable the place where he tooks me to celebrate our first anniversary!

Thanks my love for making my life much more exciting than I ever could have imagined, I love you!

It was the best way to celebrate our 1st anniversary

I loved!


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2 Responses to “Up in the mountains”

  1. Greg Says:

    Thank YOU for a wonderful weekend; looking forward to going there again soon! 🙂 <11

    • Carol Vallu Says:

      You welcome, but I should be the one to THANK YOU!

      I loved and definitely I want to go back there with you as soon as possible.

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