Day Seven

“Be careful what you wish because you just might get it”

I will not deny that one of my resolutions/wishes for 2011 was being able to live in London and have my boyfriend with me 24/7 and all those glorious things… Well, destiny has quite a “funny” (please read it as absurdly insane) way to give you what you want. Yes, I’m having all of it, but not at the right time or situation! It’s not time, I wasn’t (and still am not) ready for this…

Definitely everything would be amazing in another circumstance, if it had been planned carefully and if both of us had more time for ourselves instead of wasting a big amount of our energy trying to not get sad or distracted by trying to solve things and not making things worse between us. Because honestly the last thing I need now is to get into more troubles, especially sentimental ones! Definitely the last thing I want is to ruin what we have so far…

As I said before I am not alone, which is good but not great or enough to fix my mess. Anyway if I had the choice I swear I would have gone back to the past and have avoided certain kinds of things but now it’s just too late for something different. The worst thing about all of it is to know that somehow deep inside of me I am producing “changes” I just don’t know yet if it is for better or worse. Let’s wait and see what I might get.

P.s: despite of all my complaints, today was a good day if compared with yesterday/last week. I didn’t cry that much! Cool…and my evening is being great and cosy.

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