Day Nine

We woke up slowly, I got myself out of bed early just to make him some company before he went to the office.
No Starbucks today, I was “allowed” to spend the whole day in his flat, sending my emails and making some more phone calls in order to solve my problem. It’s silly but I still feel weird about being here without him…
The weather was nice, but it didn’t made such a difference, not at least for me.

Well later on during the day, if wasn’t enough to have the permanent sensation of being “out of place” this afternoon I also started to feel completely “lost in thoughts” just because of his gently insistence about bring back my past to me.

(No, thank you! Ops it was already too late for…)

Hopefully after all once again we could survived. I think as he said we have reached a level above, strong enough to talk about and carry on with our relationship that finally now seems that nothing or nobody can break us down.
We trust so much to each other and I just love it!
I will not deny that I was expecting something much worse than it was, but he once again surprised me being so mature and cute and perfect…

He told me things I’ve never thought I’d hear from him before and I definitely wish to be able to never disappoint his expectations.

Still I strongly defend the theory that nobody can truly be happy either in the present or in the future while chasing for past evidence but it’s now up to him to decide about it.
Thinking about the past and searching through it is just another way to get hurt and its twice as painful.

Anyway, despite of all these problems we have been a great couple and I cannot ever imagine my life without him…
My future is still scaring me a lot but it seems that I’m not alone anymore!
And that’s all that I have to say…


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One Response to “Day Nine”

  1. Greg Baker Says:

    Things for me to learn and be better at, but yes we definitely are a great couple! đŸ˜€ xxx

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