Day thirteen

Misserable weather, 6°C very windy and raining in London but luckily boyfriend was/is around to warm me up and make me carry on with my stuff!
I am so thankful that G.N.B. has been an amazing bf to me and I risk to say that yes, we are getting completely comfortable with the other’s presence.


However, today I’ve got a couple of news, which was good although it’s yet too soon to celebrate something…
Oh Gosh, the more I think the less I know about what I should do… or as the youngster says maybe it’s just me worrying too much without a proper reason.
But honestly I can’t see any problem in seeing problems in almost everything!
Anyway tomorrow will be a brand new day and I’m praying for a better sign…
Night night my boyfriend is already waiting for me to publish this post and read me kid’s books till I fall asleep.


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