Day Fifteen

Quiet day, not too many things to be done after all.

I had a look at prices for flights back to Brazil and yes they are very expensive till the 15th… The positive thing is that on one hand this mean that I’m going to spend a couple of extra days with my boyfriend but on the other hand it sucks because:
1) I have things to do there
he is getting “tired” about having me here…
Boyfriend: “No I’m not!”
Girlfriend: “yes, you’re because every joke has some truth!”
3) all this waiting only make things worse as I’m getting used to being with him so not good at all from my point of view!

Anyway it seems that my family is happy about having me back at least until the end of May (when I’m planning to book my return even though just to spend his birthday here with him)… I already start to send my resume around to find a temporary job as I really need to earn some extra money while I’m there. Friends are talking about parties and stuff…

Me, well I’m still split about staying or going. Believe me my life is not easy at all!

P.s: RALLY-DF on the 20th? Yes, I’m IN!


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