Day Seventeen

Another day well spent with boydriend’s family.
Today his youngest sister, his mommy and I were in a town near by Swindon to do some random shopping. After that we had lunch and it was fantastic. Small town but very interesting.
During the afternoon I made some phone calls trying to coordinate my friends in charge for arranging my stuff and leave my “apartment” in Milan, and it was practically a failure! Impossible to coordinate uncoordinated people! Seriously, some of my friends often drive me mad and I hate depending on others!
Yeah, simple just like that…
Then in the evening, I met his brother and he seems to be a funny a bit shy, but still very funny. We all had dinner, salmon with vegetables and wine (again), lots of conversation and dessert. Yummy! When we finished we all helped to clean and tidy the kitchen and his mom and I came upstairs, because she wanted to show me some of the scrapbooks she did along the years, some of his toys, nice baby clothes and pictures of G. when he was a little boy. She told me about his preferences and habbits and se I have no idea about how many “awww” I’ve said…
Anyway obviously his mother noticed how much he means to me, what I pressume be a good sign all those “questions about us”.
I have talked to her quite a lot and I am sincerely grateful for this “weekend break “


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2 Responses to “Day Seventeen”

  1. Greg Baker Says:

    Awwww this means so much to me, I’m so glad you had another good day with my family! 😀
    Love you!

    • Carol Vallu Says:

      Awww the same from my side, it have been definitely a great experience just not for me and them but also for our relationship… I always loved you but now even more after I’ve learnt about your childhood. ❤ 😀

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