Day Nineteen

Quiet day on my own…just some cleaning, preparing the flat for G.’s arrival.
I did some vaccuming and ironing of his shirts, almost a perfect “house cleaning”.
Well, I will not pronounce about my up’s and down’s during the journey as now everything is alright again.
So in the evening I prepared dinner for him. Impressive, it was delicious! We had rice, cubes of fried chicken with pine nuts and mashed potatoes.
However, I’m glad we are still planning to live together…
During our dinner I told him about my weekend with his parents, then he told me about his trip, we catch up and right after that we had a moment just for us, which was amazing as usual. I love that every time we get better and better…
Anyway both of us now are tired and yes we already set up our “agenda” for tomorrow but tomorrow will be a new day and I don’t want to think about it now, it will be a surprise (luckily in a good way).
Good night Sunday.


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One Response to “Day Nineteen”

  1. Greg Baker Says:

    You really are a wonderful girlfriend to me and will make a wonderful wife some day! 😛

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