Day Twenty something

It’s Sunday and it has been seven days already without publishing anything… My apologies for my absence but I had a tough week, problems and more complications have been filling my days. I wish not but unfortunately it’s true, I’ve been dealing with so many issues and over the past month my life has become upside down and inside out. Luckily weekends are usually good even though I’m feeling extremely sleepy.
Ready to read about my week backwards? I hope so…

Sunday: today I woke up early but I was able to enjoy a lazy morning in bed with G.N.B., lots of hugs and kisses and something else was allowed. I wish all my mornings was just like the one I had, but maybe in the future. Then we had some breakfast and right after that we cleaned the flat. Plans for the day, well just do nothing! The weather was miserable so no visit to Kew Gardens, what a pity! Late afternon we enjoyed bed and then we went for a walk along the canal. Now he is preparing a delicious dinner just for us and maybe in a bit we will go to The Weir…
Saturday: we woke up early too and every sound was too loud, everything was too bright, awful physical sensation but emotionally feeling great despite the body limitations… Whatever, even hungover we were out of bed before 9am ready for a busy morning seeing flats on sale and it was amazing, I quite love to feel like we are planning our future together! After seeing 2 of the 4 flats we both were craving for a bacon sandwich to cure a bit of our hangover feelings and it worked quite well! During the afternoon we chilled on the sofa while watching the Rugby and then some Tv Shows we both follow like House and V. Around 5pm we went for walk in Syon Park. Lovely place, no ending fields, very quiet with a stunning river at the end – simply perfect! Before going back home we went to the supermarket, very quickly just to buy vanilla ice cream and sparkling water. Yummy! Our evening was watching more Tv Shows and movies with pizza and ice cream (of course not mixed!). Before 11pm I was dead, very sleepy, ready for bed. What a fat day I had and I didn’t feel guilty at all!
Friday: Exactly one month ago I remember coming to London just for the weekend but then I’m still here since that. So 30 days sharing my life and problems with my boyfriend, 30 days full of ups and downs, 30 days completely dependent on others! Anyway life is a mess but the show must go on… My day wasn’t interesting at all, I was still feeling sick from yesterday but not because I’ve been drinking every day (which in some ways is true but just a bit) anyway, I was feeling sick because my body decided to after so much stress, so I spent my whole day in bed. I cried in the morning while speaking on the phone with my manager regarding problems with my Bank account. Fifty percent of what he said made sense but the other fifty percent was completely insane! Hello I’m abroad and the last thing I deserve at the moment is to stay without my money!!! The problem happened just because they thought it would be safe to block my cards till they check with me if the transactions I’ve been doing were really correct… Cool, I hate them! Friday night we went to The Weir for massive drinks with Jenna and Rob. I loved to met them, she is lovely and we chatted for ages, I’m really glad that we match perfectly! Rob is funny, and we laughed for hours before we were kicked out and of course everybody was drunk, I mean very happy. Time for bed and forgetting about the world…
Thursday: was also hellish, I spent my morning sick and on Skype with a friend tying to help him while he was packing some of my stuff to send me here. Imagine someone lazy, uncoordinated and too busy to finish what he had started. Voilà, these are my friends in Italy but before I start to complain about them I think it would be better if I keep my thoughts just to myself… Then in the afternoon my package was supposed to be delivered via courier but hell there’s no reason to rush right, so it was postponed until the day after. Fantastic, now I pray to God to receive this in time. My night was a bit better, boyfriend home early, supermarket, yummy dinner and then drinks at The Weir. (No reasons to feel like an alcoholic right?! Just drinks almost every night…) Anyway, what a trick my night ended as a hellishly, the problem with my bank started around 23h while I tried to get some cash and of course I went to bed crying because just not for the fact I wasn’t successful but especially because my money had dissapeared from my internet bank! Really cool uhum?!
Wednesday: was “normal”, grey weather, just chilling at home but without so many problems to fix which was okay. During the afternoon Sophie and I made some delicious cupcakes, chocolate flavour, marshmallows and lemon stars on the top! Was really good to chat with her and the sweets were really delicious! Yummy! In the evening I went to the train station to collect my lovely boyfriend then some Tv Shows on the sofa with him, pizza and the whole night just for us. I really like nights like that!
Tuesday: was good fun, G. and I took the train together in the morning, he went to work at the office and I spent my morning in Starbucks doing some research about schools. We had lunch together and after that I went to visit 03 different schools. Well only 33.33333333333333% of my visits were successeful. The Malvern House was the only one I could perfectly picture myself studying in; the other two The Willians College and The English Studio I swear that my first impression was turn around and start to run, which was confirmed after I’d spoken with the staff! Too old, too weird, too disorganized, not interesting at all, too common from my point of view! I might be wrong but my feelings didn”t trust them even a bit.
Finally my rewind finishes on Monday, lovely weather, sunshine, warm wind with blue sky… Lazy morning, hugs and kisses while being his little spoon. He went to work aroung midday I met him for lunch before I started my school hunting. On my schedule during the afternoon was The International House and the Oxford House College. I’m getting used to walk around London on my own, the tube system is fabulous and I cannot wait to be living here after the Summer! Was really easy to find the addresses and I will not deny that I fell in love with the Ih even before I got onto the campus!!! Amazing glass building, located in a great area, fantastic atmosphere inside the school, friendly staff, everything clean and new, high level of prestige and during my tour everybody was very professional and kind. The only problem I see is that it will cost me lots. OUSH! More than 4.000,00£ for a 24 week course but if I get the rest of the money requested I will enrol for classes there without thinking twice! Almost the same happened with the Oxford House College, they really looked very professional, the campus is also located in a good area, also easy to find, Starbucks nearby (awesome), staff not too friendly but very professional, useful while giving me information. If I want I can book a trial class for free just to get a feeling for the teaching, check out their methodologies which will definitely help me in my evaluation of the schools. Their prices were okay, not as expensive as the Ih but also not as cheap as the others. I will keep them in mind for sure! I did two test levels and to my surprise my level is higher than I’d thought! Then I met G. near the office, we talked about our journeys before we took the train back home to have dinner with Sophie and his father. After that a quick jump to The Weir for drinks and more talk.

Well basically that was my crazy week and I still have another five days to get the best of London as I really want to restart my life here… Now without further ado I finish this post with my new mantra “I might be lost but I’m not alone!” so I just need to truly believe that everything will be sorted out and that there will be a future waiting for us.

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