Day Thirty Three | Letters to him part X

And tonight is the night where I will not be lying beside your body, tonight is the night where destiny decided to press “PAUSE” on our love and put another bump on the path… tonight is the night that I will start again another countdown to be with you again.
I will miss everything about London.
Thank you is nothing but mediocre after all you did for (and to!) me…
Love, life, future, a place to stay and much more you gave to me without even thinking twice, without demanding anything in return except me as I am.
I miss you already my lovely British heart and the worst is that we haven’t kissed goodbye yet…
I will pray for patience, I will pray for us…
And after all we lived together over the past 5 weeks I made a promise to myself, nothing will change the dreams I have with you, nothing or nobody will stop me seeking for you anywhere I go… No one will replace you inside my heart.
I promise you!



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2 Responses to “Day Thirty Three | Letters to him part X”

  1. Greg Says:

    Tonight is the night I don’t get to fall asleep (and snore) next to you and it’s sad…BUT the past 5 weeks (and the past year) have shown us that we are strong enough to get through this ‘pause’ or ‘slowdown’. Let us be determined, let us be strong, let us keep in our minds all of those plans and ideas we have for the future and let us make them come true!
    I am here for you now and I will still be here for you in May!
    Love you!

  2. Carol Vallu Says:

    I miss to sleep next to you, I miss the noise and all about you! I really do… Ok my love I will be strong because I know you need me and so I need you too to find hapiness. I will keep wishing and doing my best to put us together again. I’m being brave by believing in future and I’m doing that because I love you and I trust in you so much. Already counting down the days to be with you again. Forever yours, GG

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