Letters to her…

Dear you,

The reason why you came into my life so far still being a big mystery to me.
But one thing is sure, you’re a ghost that bothers me quite often and I’ve no clue what I have done to deserve this.
I’ve never wanted you and all this madness is driving my life crazy.

I’ve tried to deal peacefully with your existence, only God knows, but it seems too far beyond of my powers!
And I honestly see no purpose in a sort of “friendship” like ours…

Although we’ve tried we can no longer to be friends.
I can’t stand you, and seriously I don’t give a shit to your damn past so please shut up!

Anyway, as long as we live just do me a simple favour: leave me alone and get off of my way once forever!

Sincerely Me


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One Response to “Letters to her…”

  1. diana Says:

    hoooo coração!

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