It’s not you, it’s not me…nor either “us”

Firstly my apologies for my words but I need to spit this lump in my throat and to me there is no better way to do that but writing.

Perhaps I might be late, time has gone and now I start to see that everything is changed.
Most of time I miss the girl I used to be, I really do but far more than that I miss the boy I used to have as “the best boyfriend ever”.
Now seems that I am nothing more than an ordinary girl, just as all the others before. And so fair enough he is becoming the same thing for me in front of my eyes…

I feel powerless and quite often I have the weird sensation that I have been fighting for something that is already gone or too weak to survive in case I have to do this on my own.
But adjustments might take time and so I pray to be wrong once more for better.

I still believe that this is not the end although I know we are both tired of the same issues.
All I wanted was being able to put things back on track.
I honestly wish I could make him see again through all this ice.
I wish I could know what would be the best for us…
And more than everything I wish our bond was truly unbreakable.

Therefore, I feel sorry for both of us.
I feel sorry for no longer have the trust and courage we used to have.
I feel sorry regarding all our faults.
I feel sorry that conversations always turn into senseless arguments and that the gap between us is getting bigger and bigger over time.
I feel really sorry for have hurt you and being hurt in return.
I feel sorry if we can’t reconnect or get through these walls we built aiming self protection…
I feel sorry for you and me.

Last but not least, I have never thought l-o-v-e could be so pricy.
I still believe in all those kind words one day we wrote to each other emphasising the “I really do!”

I need someone to guide me through all this shit

I still believe…

P.S: I am not afraid to try over and over I just don’t want to keep walking on a road which:
1) I will have to cross all alone.
2) won’t lead me anywhere further than where I could go on my own.



2 Responses to “It’s not you, it’s not me…nor either “us””

  1. diana Says:

    entendi so um pouco!

  2. Wilborn Says:

    I really like your site

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