It’s amazing how time flies by so fast.
Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, months turn into years and it leaves me wondering, am I living life the way I want to?
Did I got a chance to do everything I’d planned to?
Did I told the people I love, that I really loved them?
Did I tried to help as much people as I could?
Did I live and cherish every moment and person like it was the last time I was going to see them?
I was thinking about it tonight, and I really don’t want to let any more time go to waste!

I’ve already spent too much of it worrying and fearing and what was that I really got?
Nothing but loneliness…
So it’s definitely time for a huge change.
I want to cherish my future, make new friends, find love again, get a real life and liv every single moment like it’s the last.
Life is sort of “easier” when I don’t think about the future…
I’ve been letting so many things go to waste, as if I had all the time in the world and it’s so wrong.
Life is so short and so precious, we should want to make the most of it with the people we love the most.

I know time moves at the same pace for all of us, but sometimes it feels like I’m still and it’s moving without me.
When I was young, I didn’t paid any mind to it, but now as I’m getting old I see things differently.
My thought patterns changed and I got a new perspective on life and how precious it is.
Time is running out and I feel a bit sorry for myself that I’ve realised it just now…
However I still believe we should all live every moment to its fullest. If today lasted forever, trust me it would get boring after a while, so enjoy it and make the most of each challenge you might have to face.
Don’t take a day of life for granted.
And don’t take anyone for granted either!
So many people don’t wake up the next morning, let’s be grateful we still do.
Let’s not waste our energy on things that have no meaning.
Let’s stop fighting for small things.
Let’s appreciate each other, love one another and spend every moment we can with the ones we adore.


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