Monday December 14, 2011 @00:02
To: the boy you once was.

I want to apologise to you.
I have always loved you, yes, though not in the way you would have wanted.
I used uttered too much and believe on those three fatal words:
But now thinking back it was nothing but ilusions, a kind of mistake that I am planning not to do never again.
If it is any comfort, at the time I believed it to be true. So yes, I guess I loved you.
I built you to perfection in my mind, till you’ve finally showed me off your true colours…
I won’t forget last summer and this winter will be freezing.
I was wrong about you and suddenly everything’s falling apart.
Now I see that I had been loving lies, not you.
So to the boy you once was here goes my deepest apology.
I know I haven’t yet the strength to cut you free, because I know I’ll possibly hurt you, and that will hurt me too.
I want to believe that now will be easier to just let you step away from me gently as we no longer live close enough to each other to see each other every day. The feeble part of me prays you have already lost interest before I have told you that.
However, I could never apologise enough as it wasn’t just my fault…

Give me back my heart, the two of them!


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