And then I learned…

I learned that a simple “hey” can light up my day,
That good morning kisses are the best,
That drinking hot tea in bed is comforting,
And nothing’s better than bed-time stories to fall asleep.
I learned that it’s easy to fall in love but it’s quite difficult to remain in.
That very often we take things and people for granted and that those closest to us hurt us the most.
And that time heals all wounds…
I learned the thin difference between a boy and a man.
I also learned how to give in although still have to carry on practicing the art of giving up.
I learned that music and tight hugs brings me relief,
And that girls are and always will be impulsive.
I learned that tears wash the heart and clean up the soul,
I learned that a clock will be right at least twice a day,
That a mistake made today will worth the lesson learnt tomorrow.
And that ordinary people always come and goes…
I learned that those three little words are easy to be handled but hard to be kept.
That silence kills and distance destroys.
That I can feel unmeasurable and undescribable things and still know they are real.
I learned that the more you need the less you get,
That the more you do the less you deserve, and so on.
I learned that real friends aren’t those ones who will party with you but instead will be by your side whenever you need them.
I learned that courage is something hard to find and easy to lose.
That true love is rare and that relationships sometimes sucks.
I learned that nothing’s worse than I person in denial.
That the blue whales are the largest known animal to have ever existed in the sea.
And that waiting is a trap…
I learned that most of time it’s best to write letters and never send them,
That polar bears are left-handed.
That very often people do not deserve our best words or worries,
I learned that there’s only a “first one” of everything and all the rest will be replaceable.
I learned that I have troubles with boys and food but I don’t mind the excessive amount of calories in a drink.
And that the heart, well the heart is the body’s strongest muscle!
I learned that it’s important to have dreams but far more important is to don’t give a shit for the opinion of others.
I learned that is clever to plan the future though without missing the present day.
That no matter happens people will always be judging us.
And that there’s no “right” or “wrong” but what you do or do not do.
I learned that I can starve myself just to prove I have control of something,
That not always the strongest wins a battle but the stupidest or fearless instead.
And last but not least I learned that there are still a lot of things to be learned and that perhaps I never will.


2 Responses to “And then I learned…”

  1. diana Says:

    muito lindo carol!

    • Carol Vallu Says:

      Obrigado Di fico feliz que tenha gostado… Estou nesse processo de aprendizado e espero que entenda a razao desse meu distanciamento do mundo. Saudades. Xx

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